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Please note that the system calculates prayer and adhan timings using Umm Al-Qura (Makkah, Mecca) as a default calculation method. You may want to select an appropriate calculation method of your liking from the given dropdown to get the prayer and adhan times calculated accordingly. If your preferred method of calculation is not included in the list, please convey it to us using our and we will try our best to accommodate it in our next version update.

Fajr (early morning), Ishraq (sunrise), Dhuhr (afternoon), Asr (late afternoon), Maghrib (sunset) and Isha (night) prayer times.
Get accurate prayer times around the world using various calculation methods with a very easy to use map interface. A simple click on the map gets the prayer times of that location on the current date or a weekly or monthly prayer time schedule that can be saved in a convenient pdf format file for your future use.

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