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EZKSA is an information portal intended for users living, working, visiting, doing‒or desiring to do‒business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our name, EZKSA, abbreviation for Easy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, reflects our vision to bring the users and the organizations together on a single platform and make it easy for them to connect.

The information offered on the portal pertains to the government, the diplomatic missions and the commercial organizations in the Kingdom. Users looking for information about the government will find comprehensive listings of the government offices at city, provincial and the national level along with their jurisdictions, and links to their websites, postal addresses, and the contact information. Visitors will also find the location of the diplomatic missions of various countries in the Kingdom and vice versa.

The website introduces United Nations Industrial Classification System and the Nice Agreement on Goods & Services to classify the commercial organizations, with the aim to make it convenient for foreign investors and the businesses to connect with the Kingdom’s businesses.

The website also introduces an automatic filtered search feature where the search results are automatically filtered into their sectors and offered to user on separate tabs in order to stay focused on the sector of their interest.

Our website research team has carefully researched and compiled the information offered on this site over many years to ensure its accuracy, and will continue to update the information about the government and the diplomatic missions periodically, or as and when the information becomes available or is made available to the team. However, the website offers commercial organizations free registration to create a profile with contact information, and gives them full control to list products and services they offer, create detailed corporate profiles, and advertise their products and business initiatives via the banner ads on the website. They can also seek assistance from the admin team to register and create an online presence for their companies.

The website sees the individuals as its main users. They are assured of the complete confidentiality of their personal information, and can register for free (not available in beta) to avail of any number of benefits on offer. They can also look to get rewarded based on the frequency of their visits, the level of their activity on the website, and their feedback in improving the website.

The information offered by this website has been compiled by a dedicated team of professionals with full awareness of the difficulties the users experience at other portals offering information on the Kingdom especially in terms of language (maintaining bilinguality at all times) and uniformity of format. The team is thus committed to ensure that the users have an enjoyable experience, and are sparing no efforts to reward the time the users spend on this website with the most accurate and the latest information.

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